First Timers


STEP 1: Purchase Your Package

Click on the “Try Now” table and select the package of choice. Proceed to make payment through our website.

After you’ve made the purchase, head over to MindBody (https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/mainclass?fl=true&tabID=7) and create an account. The package you’ve purchased will appear in your MindBody account after 14hours. Once the package has been processed into your Mindbody account, you may proceed to Step 2.

STEP 2: 

Ways to book classes:

Some classes have certain criteria and are not suitable for beginners/first-timers. Do check out class description or give us a call if you are unsure!

STEP 3: Check In

  • Please arrive at the studio 15 min before the start of class for registration at the front desk.
  • Head to our complimentary day lockers to deposit your belongings. Please note that phones are not allowed in class.
  • First-timers who are late will not be admitted into class as the safety brief and warmup begin on the dot

STEP 4: Gear

  • Appropriate workout attire (e.g.: exercise top with sports tights) and proper sports shoes are a must (we advise class participants to wear cross-trainers).
  • Do check that your workout shoes are clean and free from any mud or sand.
  • Towels are provided and shower facilities are available at our studio!
  • Drinks are available for sale at the studio, and we have a water dispenser as well.

Class Schedule

Weekly Class schedules will be released for viewing every Thursday at 4.30pm for the following week. Booking for classes will commence every Friday 5.30pm. Ways to book classes:

  1. Via MindBody app (iOS | Android)
  2. Online booking system: https://beatxstudio.com/index.php/class-schedule/
  3. Email: beatxstudiosg@gmail.com
  4. Hotline: 6535 3572 | WhatsApp: 9151 0178
  5. In person at our studio reception

Do you accept walk-ins?

Walk-ins are welcome for classes but we strongly advise booking the class beforehand. This will ensure that you have a slot for you and avoid any disappointment should the class turn out to be full.

Please be present 10 minutes prior to class commencement and inform the front desk which class you wish you attend. For First Timers, please be present 15 minutes earlier for registration.

The class is full! Can I still book?

Members who book after a class is filled up will be placed on the waiting list in a first-come-first-serve order. If vacancies open up, the slots will be given to members on the waitlist in order of their position in the queue.

Late / Cancellation Policy

Late Policy
1. Please arrive on time for the start of class. Members who arrive more than 4 minutes late will not be admitted into class and the class credit will be forfeited. This is to ensure the safety of members as introductions and warmups would have been missed.

2. Your booking will be released to any other walk-in members if you reach later than 4 minutes. If you will be arriving a few minutes late for class, please call/WhatsApp the studio to inform the front desk ahead of time. Do note that there will still be no admittance into the class should you arrive 4 minutes after the class begins.

3. If you need to leave earlier before the class ends, please inform the instructor before the class begins.

4. Please take note that all classes will start strictly on time.

Late Cancellation
Cancellation of your class booking has to be made 24 hours prior to the start of the class. If a cancellation is made less than 24 hours before the start of the booked class, it will be counted as a late cancellation. Class credit will be forfeit and online booking privileges will be suspended for 2 weeks. Please note that if your package belongs to the Unlimited access series, your expiry date will be brought forward by 2 days and online booking privileges will also be suspended for 2 weeks.

Members who do not show up for class will have their class credit forfeit and online booking privileges will be suspended for 4 weeks. Please note that if your package belongs to the Unlimited access series, your expiry date will be brought forward by 2 days and online booking privileges will also be suspended for 4 weeks.

Ways to Cancel your Class Booking
1. Log into your BEATX MINDBODY account and click “Cancel” next to the class you wish to cancel.

2. Call, WhatsApp or E-mail the studio to cancel the booking

Can my friend and I share a package?

Yes, we welcome sharing of packages! Only exceptions are monthly/unlimited and virtual packages.

Oh no! My package has expired!

If your class package has expired and you would like to extend the expiry date, please call or email us. Packages can be extended on a case by case basis.

What should I wear?

Please come dressed in appropriate workout attire (e.g.: exercise top with sports tights) and sports shoes. Sneakers are not appropriate footwear. Cross-trainers are the best pair of shoes for our workouts!

If you are attending boxing classes, please note that you will need to have your own gloves. Do enquire with our Front Desk as our gloves are going for 50% off!  Handwraps will be needed, but you can choose to rent for $2 per use, or purchase your very own brand new gel-padded handwraps.

Is there a minimum age for our Classes?

The minimum age for members is 18 years old.

What about maximum weight for the rebounder?

The maximum weight capacity of the rebounder is 110KG

Are towels provided?

Workout towels are provided for every member. After your workout, grab a bath towel from the front desk for that refreshing post-workout shower!

Are there shower facilities?

Shower facilities are currently unavailable till further notice. Though our studio is equipped with rain showers and shampoo, conditioner and shower gel dispensers, these will be closed indefinitely due to the current COVID-19 situation. Our complimentary day lockers, vanity counters and wide mirrors installed in each locker room are still available for use 🙂