First Timers

STEP 1: Class Booking

STEP 2: Check In

  • Please arrive 15 min before class for registration
  • Class starts on time and we regret to inform that latecomers will not be allowed in
  • Sign in at the front desk
  • Lock your stuff up in the locker and wait for class to start at the rest area

STEP 3: Gear

  • We provide towels and shower amenities
  • Please bring along suitable footwear
  • We highly recommend cross trainer shoes
  • Please ensure that your workout shoes are clean and free from mud/sand etc…
  • If you did not bring your own water, fret not! Drinks are available for sale at the studio
  • Something to take note of, for your safety can enjoyment, participants must have at least attended 3 BX Lite Classe before proceeding to Intermediate classes. Please read the class description before signing up.

Class Bookings

Classes will be made available for booking 1 week prior to class date. You can make your bookings in 5 ways:

  1. Online booking system: https://beatxstudio.com/index.php/class-schedule/
  2. Email: beatxstudiosg@gmail.com
  3. Hotline: 6535 3572 | WhatsApp: 9151 0178
  4. Mind&Body app on your mobile (iOS | Android)
  5. In person at our studio reception

Do you accept walk-ins?

Walk-ins are welcome for classes but we highly recommend using the 5 booking methods mentioned above to ensure that you secure a slot for the class.

Please be present 10 minutes prior to class commencement. For First Timers, please be present 15 minutes earlier to complete the indemnity form.

The class is full and I can't seem to book a slot?

If you are unable to book a slot, it means that the class is full and you will be placed on the waiting list.

Late / Cancellation Policy

  1. In order to successfully cancel your reservation for a BEAT X Studio Class, it has to be made 8 hours prior to the start of the class. If the member fails to unreserve your class prior to the cancellation window, the scheduled class will be charged to your package.
  • Please note that if your package belongs to the Unlimited access series, your expiry date will be brought forward by 2 days.
  • No monetary refund will be processed for any unutilised classes.

2. Members who fail to cancel the class on time may also result in:

  • 2 weeks suspension of online booking privileges (2 booking cycles)
  • Members can still book for classes via WALK-IN ONLY

3. You can cancel your reservation by:

  • Logging into your BEAT X MINDBODY account, click cancel next to the class you wish to unreserve OR
  • Call, WhatsApp or E-mail the studio to unreserve your slot
  • *Please note that your spot will be released if you FAIL to turn up for class on time.

4. If you are running LATE, please call/WhatsApp the studio to inform the front desk that you are on the way. We will only hold your reservation up to 4 minutes after the class begins.

5. Members who arrive 4 minutes late will not be admitted into class (due to safety and disruption to the class)

6. For members who plan on LEAVING EARLY, or plan to LEAVE EARLY, kindly inform the instructor ahead of time.

7. Please take note that ALL classes will start strictly on time

What are the Membership fees?

There is NO membership fee at BEAT X Studio. Everyone and anyone is welcome to try our classes.

Can my friend and I share a package?

Yes! We welcome sharing of packages (with the exception of monthly unlimited and starter pack packages).

Waiting List Policy

If a class is full, please place your name on the waitlist. We will call and email you once a spot opens up. The first member who acknowledges the email will be given the slot.

Credit Expiry

If your class credit has expired and you would like to extend the expiry date, please call or email us. Class credits can be extended on a case by case basis.


Please come dressed in appropriate workout attire (e.g.: Sweat top with tights) and shoes. Do ensure that you are decked in a pair of comfortable shoes.

Tip: Cross-trainers are the best pair of shoes for our rebounding classes!

Is there a minimum age requirement?

The minimum age requirement is 18 years old.

What about maximum weight for the rebounder?

The maximum weight capacity of the rebounder is 110KG

What type of facilities do you provide?

We provide exercise and bath towels, private shower rooms, vanity counters and also complimentary day lockers.