About Beat X Studio

About Beat X Studio

BEATX fitness sessions = Sweat. Our founders created the original Hybrid Rebounding at BBOUNCE Studio and kept evolving to create classes that switch things up. We do that because we want results for you. Our classes sculpt every muscle, burn major calories and sometimes help you get in touch with your inner badass! With new routines, your body keeps learning, burning, evolving and you stay sharp.

Our characteristic intensity ‘shocks’ your body and makes sure things do not get boring and your body keeps burning calories. Our bodies adapt to routines quickly and start reaching plateaus, aka it no longer burn calories the same way. Hence, BEATX was created to help you beat your own limits.

Meet Our Founders


BEAT X Studio is founded by two Singapore national swimmers – Joel Tan (Sports Personality & Entrepreneur) and Leslie Kwok (Olympian, Model & Entrepreneur). They have more than 20 years of combined competitive training experience with world-class coaches. Their fitness experience over the years exposed them to elite training techniques from coaches world-wide, extensive knowledge in training methodologies and comprehensive understanding of the human physiology. Their interaction with world-class athletes and renowned fitness coaches has equipped them with in-depth view on sustainable fitness, which is articulated in their Hybrid Training programs that are unique to their studios.

Joel and Leslie distilled their training experience to create Hybrid Rebounding for the sister studio BBOUNCE. Following that success, Hybrid Training programs were further developed to produce the fastest results in weight loss, building of core strength, muscle toning, body sculpting, and strength conditioning. Hybrid Training instills the fun element in workouts, keeps the body burning and constantly brings your fitness to a higher level. It views the body as a dynamic system, requiring diverse exercises to keep it healthy and functionally fit.

“We look forward to sharing our game-changing fitness programs with you to achieve your dream results while having fun along the way!” – Joel & Leslie