The Best Exercise For Your Immune System: Rebounding!

At BBOUNCE and BeatX, we do more than exercises. Our workouts are backed by scientific understanding of how our body works and we will shed some light on why we pay so much attention to our rebounding exercises!

Rebounding reaps more benefits than you imagine. It doesn’t just look fun, it is serious business! It works from within your cells and activates the lymphatic system for overall health and improved immunity. So read on!

Improving our lymphatic system is key to good health and immunity

The lymphatic system plays a critical role in managing the immune functions of our body as it is the first line of defence against diseases. The complex network of vessels and nodes transport lymph helps to circulate the fluid containing high number of antibodies and lymphocytes (white cells that fight against infection) throughout our body. These blood vessels also deliver oxygen and nutrients to our cells, help to drain toxins away and eliminate waste out of our system.

We are exposed to high amount of toxins daily in our environment and in the food that we consume that detoxification becomes more essential than ever.  When our lymphatic system is not functioning optimally, our detox processes are hindered and toxins get accumulated to cause diseases and poor health over time.

Muscle contractions promote lymphatic circulation through a series of one-way valves in your body. So the best way to improve lymphatic function is to exercise! As skin is the largest detoxification organ, exercising helps to expel toxins as you begin to perspire.

Why rebounding is the best exercise to do

Rebounding involves a series of jumps that cause a series of vibration frequencies to awaken our lymphatic system.

Momentarily during jumping, a person can reach a state of weightlessness. When landing, the same person will weigh heavier than normal. This G-force and the alteration between the two states causes a series of vibration which promotes the flexing and relaxing of the cell walls and stimulates the millions of one-way valves in our lymphatic system.

There are many exercises that are done to target specific muscles but rebounding is the only workout that can activate your entire musculoskeletal system: your bones, muscles, connective tissue, and even organs.

Already impressed? Not only does rebounding improve your lymphatic system and immunity, it is also a low impact workout. Since the exercise is done on a rebounder, you are spared from the potential stress from jumping on a hard ground. Jumping on a rebounder is gentle on your joints as it absorbs the shock when you land. Say no to injuries, and yes to more fun!

At BBOUNCE and BeatX, we are specialist in this! As the first rebounding fitness studios in Singapore, we are at the forefront of devising fun yet effective regimes to meet your fitness goals. Founded by two national Swimmers with more than 20 years ofcompetitive training experience with world-class coaches, our fitness experience comprised of unique training techniques amassed from all around the world, extensive knowledge in training methods and comprehensive understanding in the human physiology. Check out our classes today and we promise you a fun and effective workout!

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